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Tue Aug 06 2019

6:00 pm

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The deeper you dig, the more you unearth.

By turning inward without turning back, Like A Storm uncovered the eleven hypnotic, honest,
and hard-hitting anthems that comprise their self-produced third full-length, Catacombs [SONY
RED Music]. The New Zealand group shoveled raw emotion into an engine of airtight
polyrhythmic riffage, cinematic electronics, and primal didgeridoo to fuel their biggest offering
yet and claim a spot at the forefront of the modern rock pack.

The title holds weight both figuratively and literally for the boys—brothers Chris Brooks [lead
vocals, didgeridoo, guitar, keys/programming], Matt Brooks [lead guitar, vocals,
keys/programming], and Kent Brooks [bass, keys/programming] joined by Zach Wood [drums].

“We had a day off on tour in Paris last year, so we went to check out the actual Catacombs,”
recalls Kent. “We found out that because their cemeteries were so over-run, they buried six
million people down there. So they pushed all of this disease and decay five stories down
beneath them. It hit me that we’re all the same way…On the outside, we’re told to project a
‘happy’ and ‘normal’ exterior; but just below the surface, there’s a much darker truth that we

“The whole excursion hit us as a metaphor for burying aspects of ourselves we don’t want to
face,” agrees Chris. “Just because you close the door on them, doesn’t mean they’ve gone away.
In the Parisian Catacombs, there are certain places where the skulls have been arranged ornately
into crosses and hearts and that seemed symbolic to me. If you’re willing to confront your
demons and address what you hide from yourself, you can find beauty in the pain and peace in
the struggle.”

“We’d been building towards this record for a long time both personally and musically.” Matt
elaborates. “When we really took the reigns off, we ended up with the darkest and heaviest
album we’ve ever made.”

A long, tireless grind brought the band to Catacombs. An ocean away from home, they
introduced themselves to the U.S in 2009. Through relentless touring, the band built a grassroots
following, which led to their break-out single “Love The Way You Hate Me” receiving so much
organic radio play that they broke into the U.S Active Rock Top 40 as an independent act.

By 2015, the smash single skyrocketed to #1 on SiriusXM Octane, clinching the top spot for five
weeks and making the band the highest-charting New Zealand rock act in U.S. radio history.
“Love The Way You Hate Me” eventually topped 7 million YouTube/VEVO views and 6
million Spotify streams, and steamrolled a path for the release of sophomore epic Awaken The
Fire. Their cover of Coolio’s “Gangster’s Paradise” eclipsed 3 million on Spotify as “Become
The Enemy” and “Wish You Hell” both leapt past the 1.5-million-mark. All said and done, the
release earned Like A Storm four Active Rock hits.

Along the way, they played arenas and large venues with the likes of: Alter Bridge, Slash,
Volbeat, Gojira, Ozzy Osbourne, Godsmack, Three Days Grace, Sevendust and more. They were
also invited to play standout festivals the world over including: Rock on the Range, Shiprocked!, Download, Nova Rock, Graspop Metal Meeting and more. In addition to acclaim from
Alternative Press, Kerrang!, and Revolver, Metal Hammer claimed, “Like A Storm are rewriting
metal’s rulebook like never before.”

Throughout 2017, they took time away from the road to write, record, and produce Catacombs in
Los Angeles, Toronto, and a Las Vegas studio that over-looked the Strip.
“We’d never recorded in Vegas before,” says Kent. “The place has an energy to it unlike
anywhere else in the world.”

Like A Storm bash through the gates on Catacombs with the opener and first single “The Devil
Inside.” The didgeridoo intertwines with a trance-like metal groove, as a melodic, haunting vocal
resounds before climaxing with one of the group’s catchiest choruses to date.

“It sets the tone of the whole record,” says Chris. “This dark journey within yourself, which
brings you face to face with your demons.”

Meanwhile, “These Are The Bridges You Burned Down” charges forward on a mosh pit-
splitting death march. As Kent puts it, “When we were writing it, we knew this one would throw
down live and tear up speakers.”

“The Bitterness” proves instantly irresistible, and “Solitary” - featuring Matt on lead vocals -
interplays between a soaring melody and aggressive guitar-work.

“ ‘Solitary’ is about feeling isolated and the realization that you ultimately created this loneliness
for yourself by pushing everyone else away,” states Matt.

Catacombs closes with the six-minute epic “Pure Evil”. After a building intro, the unapologetic
album finale hinges on a battering ram of distortion, before slipping into an airy piano reprieve
and ramping back up into a chaotic catharsis.

As Chris comments, “We wanted the dynamics to mirror the subject matter.”

Matt continues, “ ‘Pure Evil’ tackles the hypocrisy of political and religious power. These people
in our world who are revered as leaders, heroes, even seen as being god-like… are so often
exposed to be the worst of the worst.”

In the end, Like A Storm dig deep and make a lasting connection on Catacombs.

“Ultimately, we wanted to bring back the feeling we got when we grew up listening to rock and
metal records,” concludes Kent. “That’s why we make music.”

— Rick Florino, May 2018
Through Fire
Through Fire
Never give up… Never give in… those words are the foundation of which Through Fire was born. This four piece hard rock band hailing from Omaha, Nebraska quickly caught the attention of several industry executive’s and inked a deal with Sumerian Records in September of 2015. With anthems such as “Stronger” and “Breathe”, Through Fire was set to make their mark in the rock world.

Comprised of lead singer Grant Kendrick, guitarist Justin McCain, drummer Patrick Mussack and bassist Jesse Saint, the bands live show is poised to rally fans throughout the world. Impacting radio along with their video premier for “Stronger” in January 2016, Through Fire set out on the road with Adelitas Way for their first tour and introducing their brand to radio and fans alike. That very successful run was followed up with 7 more weeks on the road with industry veterans OTEP for a full US assault.

July 1, 2016, their debut record “Breathe” dropped nationwide. The band then found themselves playing a Danny Wimmer mega fest, “Chicago Open Air” in Chicago followed by various radio shows in support of the record.

Their single “Stronger” saw great success at radio reaching #27 on the Mediabase Active Rock charts and powerhouse Octane coming on board to get behind the track. In less than 3 weeks “Stronger” made its way to the #1 most played song on the station and sat at the #1 position for the Big Uns Countdown for 5 weeks. With impressive digital sales, reaching #1 on ITunes, #1 in single downloads within the genre and outselling more than half the bands in the top 30, the band garnered the attention of NBC Sports and found song placements with “Stronger” in mixed martial arts matches, The Stanley Cup Finals, into 3,200 health clubs across the country and Canada and was made the theme song to WWE’s Backlash.

August gave the band a run throughout the Midwest with Nonpoint which then linked to a tour with Sick Puppies for a prelude to their next single.

Their second single “Breathe” impacted radio early October and quickly showed its strength by moving into the Mediabase top 50 in just 2 short weeks. The song showed serious promise and continued to move up every chart.

The last tour of the year was with Escape The Fate and Nonpoint followed by a few Christmas radio shows with WIIL and The Banana. Sirius Octane put an exclamation point on 2016 and opened many eyes to the band for the New Year by naming them the Breakout Artist Of The Year and picking their single STRONGER as the #3 Song of The Year behind only Metallica and Highly Suspect. They were also 1 of only 5 bands in the country to be nominated for BEST NEW ARTIST at the rock radio / RadioContraband Awards in Vegas.

Entering February 2017, “Breathe” hit #16 on the Active Rock Chart, TOP 20 on the Billboard mainstream rock chart, TOP 10 on the UTR rock radio chart and #1 on Octane’s Big Uns Countdown for a second straight time. March brings in a new touring year and kicks it off with a month on the road with Black Stone Cherry, the announcement of stints with Seether and another tour soon to be announced for early summer as well as a myriad of radio festivals all over the country.

Continuing on with building their brand and sonic power, April of 2017 see’s the release of a deluxe version of the album “Breathe” with bonus tracks and a few surprises for their fans as well as a vinyl option.

Through Fire is quickly solidifying a permanent spot amongst the industry’s elite acts and 2017 is set to be a breakout year. Never give up… Never give in… They are just scratching the surface of whats to come!
After almost a decade long of global fuckery, Wilson has done the opposite of what every other band seems to do—they stopped taking shit so seriously! In the process of their, “personal awakening” they forged a new path for themselves and their sound by combining their brand of in-your-face rock n roll with the influence of Hip-Hop and all things 90s. Tasty Nasty is fresh, exciting, and most importantly fun! And it all started with a hit of acid.

Wilson's vocalist, Chad Nicefield, took a trip to Asia with his friends to pursue happiness. Once he experimented with acid he had a revelation about his life and his outlook on the band’s music changed everything. “I just kind of realized who we are as people and our DNA was that of a bunch of lovable, silly dudes, that love to make music," says Nicefield. "The world needs to know that about us. That needs to be in transparent our music.”

Now with no worries or inhibitions holding them back, the guys in Wilson embark on a journey through nostalgia and endearing nonsense on eleven brand new tracks. The opening track, “Dumptruck” is a sonic punch to the face as it kicks in with gang vocals chanting, “This shit bumps, this shit fucks, this shit dumps like a dump truck.” Followed by roaring guitar riffs and a chorus that really does “fuck”, the opener is a perfect dose to set your mind up for the next 35 some-odd-minutes. “Wrong Side of History” follows a Bizkit-ish path, leading you straight into the fever.

From that moment on you’re on their ride. With hints of the decade that shaped their musical tastes, combined with slick production and big singalong choruses, Tasty Nasty is equal parts self-deprecating and hilarious. This acid is one hell of a drug, as the fever dream truly kicks in, songs such as “Like A Baller” “My Hustle” and “Summertime Treat” are there to prove it! It’s not until track ten do you get a throwback to the old, heavier side of Wilson with, “House of Fuckery.” But that’s not what this record is about. It’s about looking ahead, not staring in the rearview mirror. And that, my friends, is Tasty Nasty.
Stitched Up Heart
Stitched Up Heart
Stitched Up Heart is an American hard rock band based in Los Angeles, California. The group was founded in 2010 by vocalist Alecia "Mixi" Demner and guitarist Merrit Alfero, later joined by bassist Randy Mathias and drummer James Decker.
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