Wed, Oct 16


Iguana Death Cult
Show: 7:00 pm
Black Sheep
All Ages
Iguana Death Cult

Rotterdam’s rousing Iguana Death Cult has claimed its own dominion inside the Dutch port’s concrete jungle. The foursome’s high-octane protopunk and acid-drenched psychedelics create havoc not unlike a ferocious horde of bees. Iguana Death Cult is likewise hyperproductive, not to mention stronger as a whole that the sum of parts. And once you poke their nest a bit too hard, the band’s sheer propulsive force engulfs you from all sides and angles. Oh, and don’t worry: and the band’s signature ragged fuzzbox-inflictions rear their ugly head aplenty. With its massive, juggernaut-like torque, the Mutterschiff 308 shoots you into space before you can properly brace yourself.