Thu, Aug 3
A KILO 45 Years Of Rock Show

Pop Evil

Lines of Loyalty, Lava Gato
Show: 7:00 pm Doors: 7:00 pm
Black Sheep
All Ages
Pop Evil
“It’s a cautionary tale, about processing those voices
in a positive way. It’s very aggro and uptempo, and I think it speaks to the depression and
anxiety a lot of us have at this stage in our lives.”
The future radio hit here may arrive with “Worth It,” a catchy midtempo number that nicely
encapsulates the album’s uplifting message. “It’s one of my favorites,” says the singer. “It’s a
reminder to every brother, sister, kid, father, and mother — there’s something positive out there
and a reason for you to gut it out.”
Skeletons sees the band once again working with producer Drew Fulk (Disturbed, Papa Roach,
Motionless in White), a friend and collaborator on a few previous albums. “With Versatile, we
had a bunch of producers, but for this album, we just wanted to work with one person and get
back to our roots,” says Kakaty. “There’s an energy he and I have, and he’s been great at
helping us build these songs and work around some collective themes.”
Before the new album’s release, Pop Evil was able to hit the road and introduce fans to bassist
Joey Walser, the band’s newest addition. “Joey’s incredible — he’s made me excited about our
live show,” says Kakaty. “I think now we’re really taking it up a notch and I’m excited for the
future of the band. We’re ready to show people that rock’n’roll is alive and well.”
Even before the official release of Skeletons, the band’s new music is already going over well
with fans. Notes Kakaty: “It’s great seeing people respond at our shows— I think they see what
we sing about with something like ‘Eye of the Storm’ is very relatable. We all have hardships
and mood swings; this is our way to show that you’re not alone. A lot of Pop Evil, it’s about
inspiring positivity and giving back"
Lines of Loyalty
The Kenosha, WI trio—Nubz Morrison [vocals, guitar], Redo Ianni [bass, vocals, keys], and Shane Madsen [drums, percussion]—deliver melodically magnetic rock anthems with unapologetic dedication and diligence. Not only did they release a fan favorite full-length and EP, but they also shared the stage with heavy hitters such as Puddle of Mudd and Royal Bliss in addition to touring with Pop EvilLines Of Loyalty draws on influences such as IncubusSeether, and Slaves and embrace their heavier tendencies
Lava Gato
Southern Metal Core from Colorado Springs, Co