Fri, Nov 22

Dan Goebel

Sound Studies, Robbie D
Show: 7:00 pm
Black Sheep
All Ages
Dan Goebel
Imma song slingin’, globetrottin’, efficiency seekin’, seriously jokin’ - son of a beyotch
Sound Studies
"We're not quite old men yet" - Brandon Metz

SOUND|STUDIES is a Colorado Springs, CO based rock band. Motivated creatively by a wide variety of acts ranging from Randy Newman to Rage Against The Machine. SOUND|STUDIES has a very diverse set of influences that all have one thing in common – catchy hooks and raw, unfiltered lyrics.

Brandon Metz and Ryan May began making music together in 1995 – before they were even able to drive. Addicted to writing music, the two amassed a large collection of songs in their first 6 years of playing together in their original band, leer. Disbanding in 2001, the two would continue to play music in different parts of the country, eventually returning to Colorado Springs in 2012 where they would form their next musical project, SOUND|STUDIES in August of 2012.

Best described as a rock band with alternative roots, SOUND|STUDIES music is dynamic. Overdriven guitars may populate one song while the next features slow, tremolo laced riffs. Brandon’s lyrics are clever, emotional and often peppered with sarcasm. Each song tells a story, many are true, some are fiction – all inspired by life. Currently performing as a three-piece, their live sound is full, powerful and articulate.

The band is finishing it’s debut EP titled “late nights, early mornings” that it will release in December of 2013.
Robbie D