Born Of Osiris – The Simulation Tour

Born Of Osiris – The Simulation Tour

Bad Omens, Spite, Kingdom Of Giants, The Burial Plot

Tue Jul 23 2019

6:00 pm

$9.00 - $22.00

This event is all ages

Born Of Osiris
Born Of Osiris
“Simulation Theory” posits that reality and existence as we know them to be are merely a
computer simulation.
Of course, The Matrix explored such a possibility in 1999, while Elon Musk espouses this
hypothesis as gospel for 2019. Regardless of the theory’s truth, humanity still thrives under the
weight of all-encompassing technology and daily cyber advancements. Born Of Osiris preserve
such humanity within a torrent of destructive polyrhythmic riffing, chaotic vocal transmissions,
and synth disarray. The Chicago quintet—Ronnie Canizaro [lead vocals], Joe Buras [keys,
synthesizers, vocals], Lee McKinney [guitar], Nick Rossi [bass], and Cameron Losch
[drums]—perfect that approach on 2019’s aptly titled, The Simulation [Sumerian Records].
“When you listen to the record, I hope you investigate where you see yourself and the future
going in terms of technology and artificial intelligence,” exclaims Buras.
The musicians architected a beacon to transmit such a message since their 2007 emergence.
Not only have they performed on stages with Judas Priest, Rob Zombie, Bring Me The Horizon,
and more, but they also landed four consecutive entries on the Billboard Top 200, including A
Higher Place [2009], The Discovery [2011], Tomorrow We Die Alive [2013], and Soul Sphere
[2015]. Additionally, they garnered features from Guitar World, Brave Words, Metalsucks, and
MetalInjection, to name a few.
By looking back, the group made a major leap forward. They spent 2017 performing their
breakthrough 2007 debut, The New Reign, in its entirety on the road. By the time the guys hit
the studio with Nick Sampson [Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men] who produced vocals while
McKinney produced and engineered the entire record instrumentally, the vision crystallized for
their next evolution.
“We usually don’t wait this long between records,” Buras continues. “By playing The New Reign,
we got back to the original vibes. Once we really started writing, it was a combination of our old
and new songwriting styles. The last three albums felt like a trilogy. On this one, we take the
next step throughout putting all of our skills into one distinct body of work.”
That included welcoming Rossi into the fold following the departure of original bassist David Da
Rocha. Beyond the creative core of McKinney and Losch handling most of the writing, Rossi lent
his writing talents to the process on a handful of songs. The music further incorporated
instrumental virtuosity as well as entrancing synths and twin vocals. At the same time, Buras
dove into books like Jacek Dukaj’s Perfect Imperfection, kickstarting a thematic thread.
On the first single “The Accursed,” screeching keys entwine with precise and pummeling riffing
before spiraling towards a hard-hitting and head-nodding groove.
“The songs are more anthemic,” Buras says. “They’re about not giving up when things get
difficult, you feel down, or a relationship isn’t working. Instead, you don’t stop and force on.
We came into this lifestyle aware of the sacrifices. This is how we’re going to live it.”

“Under The Gun” upholds that sentiment, while “Silence The Echo” steamrolls forward amidst a
flurry airtight guitars and a percussive maelstrom.
“That one dives into silencing negative thoughts,” he elaborates. “We all feel down sometimes,
but you silence those thoughts and keep moving.”
In the end—whether a simulation or not—Born Of Osiris confidently embrace the future with
open arms and deliver their boldest output yet.
“There’s the technological side to the music, but there’s also a message of being patient and
persevering,” he leaves off. “We’ve redefined our sound on this one. Everything is coming
together. We’re brothers in this. It’s a new chapter for Born Of Osiris.”
Bad Omens
Bad Omens
Originally starting as no more than a solo side-project by frontman and songwriter Noah Sebastian, Bad Omens became a more serious musical endeavor after Sebastian left his position playing guitar for his renowned local and former band based out of Washington D.C.- in late 2013.

In early 2014, Sebastian announced his departure from his former band. For the following year, Sebastian would focus all of his time and energy towards getting the new project on it's feet; writing and recording an EP, seeking out management and label support, and along the way recruiting his long-time best friends guitarist Nicholas Ruffilo, bassist Vincent Riquier, second guitarist Joakim "Jolly" Karlsson, and drummer Nick Folio.

In the spring of 2015, now partnered with proper management, the band landed a recording contract with indie label top-dog Sumerian Records. Soon after, Bad Omens set out to record their very first full length record with award winning heavy music producer Will Putney in Belleville, New Jersey. Now residing in Los Angeles, CA, Bad Omens have been met with significant praise from the public after the release of their debut single "Glass Houses." A taste of what's to come while remaining loyal to the genre itself, Bad Omens doesn't leave one stone unturned and are truly a relentless new force to be reckoned with.
Bay Area metal
Kingdom Of Giants
Kingdom Of Giants
Kingdom of Giants is a 6 piece Metalcore band from Northern CA. Established in 2011, they have relentlessly been touring in The USA, Canada, and Europe, with bands such as Volumes, Fit For A King, Phinehas, and I, The Breather. Their first major album, "Ground Culture" was produced by Andreas Magnusson (Haste The Day, The Black Dahlia Murder, Fit For A King) and released after signing to InVogue Records in the fall of 2014.

In a genre / age where recording quality is at an all time best, Kingdom Of Giants excel in translating this quality to a high energy, organic, live experience. The band is composed of Dana Willax (Vocalist), Max Bremer (Guitarist), Red Martin (Guitarist), Julian Perez (Guitarist), Levi Norris (Bassist), and Truman Berlin (Drummer).

The band does a great job of keeping their albums interesting from start to finish. Each song sounds much different than the previous, but they are able to capture one overall feeling of cohesiveness throughout. Songs like the title track, "Ground Culture" or "Endure" seem to portray what the band is all about, while others like, "Sky Burial" and "Virtue" show just how dynamic their sound really is.

"It would indeed be a shame for the group to fade into the sea of mediocre crap that other bands are more than content to thrive in, because it's blatantly obvious that Kingdom Of Giants refuse to be ignored and will be heard. This resilience literally dripped off their last full length and was pervasive and infective, a pure "soundtrack to a revolution."" -Sputnik Music

"If you listen to the lyrical content of each track, you can easily spot a continuous theme throughout the record. The lyrics tackle questioning religious faith, understanding our own mortality, and dealing with the loss of family members. I think these themes are easily relatable, especially for our generation, which is one of the least religious generations ever. The desire to achieve more in life is something we can all understand" -Under The Gun Reviews
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