The Toasters

91.5 KRCC Presents

The Toasters

Last Reel Hero, The Knock Blockers

Sun Feb 24 2019

7:00 pm

$5.00 - $14.00

This event is all ages

The Toasters
The Toasters
The Toasters are one of the original American third-wave ska bands. Founded in New York way back in 1981 by Buck. We’ve released 9 studio albums, with labels such as Moon Ska Records, Megalith Records, Celluloid, Stomp Records, Caroline Distribution & Skaloid.

Buck is the only constant member in the band. He moved over to the US to manage the Forbidden Planet comic book store, one year later he formed The Toasters. Our first show was opening for Bad Brains that same year, and later along in ’83 we released our first single Beat Up.

Two more years along and we reach Recriminations, our debut EP, produced by Joe Jackson. This was the point Buck decided to create Moon Ska Records, this would be the label for Recriminations.

Over the following years we expanded with the addition of a brass section, releasing Skaboom! in 1987. Since then, the lineup has seen many new faces (regular contributors included Coolie Ranx, Matt Malles, Brian Sledge, Lester Sterling – followed by a huge etc.), we released a bunch more albums, singles, EP’s & compilations – all available in our toastography. Our latest releases being One More Bullet (LP), in 2007 for our 25th anniversary & House of Soul (7″) in 2013.

Up to today we’re still touring around the world, filling the dance-floors with ska. While we’re at it we’ve also brought out a couple of hot-sauces & brews.

So come down to a show – checkout the supporting act(s), skank to our tunes, and you might even have some beer-money left over for merch!
Last Reel Hero
Last Reel Hero
Andy Jackson - vocals
Carlos Gomez - guitar
Shanon Sinclair - guitar
Geoff Andersen - bass
Shaun Herrera - drums
Dan Wiley - keys/brass
The Knock Blockers
The Knock Blockers
We are the Knock Blockers, the #1 ska band based out of Colorado Springs* with members from all over the country brought together by our love for all waves and forms of ska. Living in a world with EDM and boring pop music, the music scene needs a fresh injection of upbeat ska and punk. We have numerous influences including Reel Big Fish, The Skatalites, Jimmy Cliff, The Specials, The Toasters, and Less than Jake. Ska has always involved the combination of various styles of music with the core Jamaican sound, and The Knock Blockers continue this tradition when writing originals with the classic two tone and 3rd wave sounds but blending in other influences such as blues and rockabilly.

Our members have all played (and currently play) with various groups and many different genres in addition to ska. To have a little fun, we all go by certain aliases: Andy Gorilla on bass, Doc Von Krantz on keys, Mr. Soup Sandwich on the drums, Rocket Surgeon on guitar, and the collective Loafer Brigade in the horn section (bone, sax, and trumpet). Each alias has a special meaning to its bearer; for example the Loafer Brigade is united in their choice of footwear on daily basis.
Venue Information:
Black Sheep
2106 E. Platte Ave
Colorado Springs, CO, 80909