Righteous Vendetta

Righteous Vendetta

Random Hero, Put To Rights, Saphyre Rain, Fall From Silence

Tue Sep 26 2017

7:00 pm

$5.00 - $12.00

This event is all ages

Righteous Vendetta
Righteous Vendetta
Righteous Vendetta has come a long way from their humble beginnings at a community college in western Wyoming. Through two full-length records, one EP, hundreds of thousands of miles on the road, and numerous tours, they have established themselves as a veteran act with more than a few notches on their proverbial belt.
From their inception, Righteous Vendetta has never been comfortable with sitting still. After releasing two full-length albums on Red Cord Records and touring extensively on that material, they decided it was time for a change. "We finished our 2011 release Lawless and started thinking what we were going to do next. After some ideas were tossed around, we decided to try something that would really challenge our songwriting skills and push us to our creative limits. So we took the intensity and high-energy of our older metalcore sound and tried to take it in a more appealing direction", writes guitarist Justin Olmstead. The result of this new direction was their single "This Pain", which spent fifteen weeks in the Top 20 on Billboard's Christian Rock chart. Since then they've hit the ground running with the independently released Righteous Vendetta, Vol. I. Though the band's style has changed with their latest release, their brand of hook-infused rock has found fans on the airwaves and at venues throughout the country. Their newest single, "The Fire Inside", has spent more than a dozen weeks on the Christian Rock chart, peaking at #9 and sharing the Top 10 with the likes of Skillet, Red, and P.O.D.
Even after nearly a thousand shows to date, the band's touring schedule is as busy as ever. Last year, Righteous Vendetta made their performance debut in Europe, playing to packed venues in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, and more. This year they've already supported Hurt and Smile Empty Soul as the first installment in a series of major tours, followed by runs with Trapt, Taproot, and 10 Years, playing more than sixty dates with some of the biggest names in hard rock.
The band recently recorded their third full-length record The Fire Inside with Milwaukee-based producer Joel Wanasek at JTW Studios. "The new record is sure to be one of the biggest, hardest hitting mixes in the genre," said vocalist Ryan Hayes. "It's heavy, catchy, melodic, and will have you singing every chorus after the first time you hear it." Armed with a melodic, infectious sound and a habit of hitting venues across the nation hard, fast, and often, Righteous Vendetta is destined to make waves. Look for their new record The Fire Inside this fall.
Random Hero
Random Hero is billed nationally as a positive message active rock band from Denver, CO. But, truthfully, they are so much more than that. For years, Random Hero has built a ministry through music. The bands foundation is firmly rooted in faith, and as such, each member has dedicated themselves to bringing a clear message of hope, without being preachy or churchy, to those who otherwise may not hear it.
Put To Rights
Put To Rights
Put To Rights is a 4 piece metal band founded in 2015 and based in Colorado Springs, CO. We are heavily influenced by other metal bands that developed within the 1990s, and were likewise, labeled as part of the nu metal scene. Our lineup consists of drums, guitar, vocals, and bass, and we are planning to begin playing shows as soon as possible.
Saphyre Rain
Saphyre Rain is a rock band with a vision: To remind the world that hope is alive.
Fall From Silence
Fall From Silence
Fall From Silence is a mix of individuals from all over the U.S. that came together at the end of 2014 to deliver Colorado Springs some of the sickest rock it has seen in some time.The band consists of Lead Singer Robert Peeters, Guitarist Russell Pousson, Guitarist Nick Weremblewski, Bassist Kevin Love and Drummer James Elder. Ranging in backgrounds, each member adds their own unique touch designed to make you re-invent your entire thought process.
Fall From Silence is a collaborative group of different minded individuals devoted to making unique songs to challenge the very way you think. Our drive and inspiration comes from each members walk through life. We are a Political, maniacal, insane group who want to nothing but inspire their audience. Founded in 2014, they now are aspiring to open their horizons further in the wake of their struggles. United they stand and never to fall. Fall From Silence stands for the freedom to speak your mind! To stand and fight! TO LIVE FREE AND DIE METAL!
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Black Sheep
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