Royal Thunder

Royal Thunder

Abrams, The Youthful Nothings, Necropanther

Thu May 04 2017

7:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is all ages

Royal Thunder
Royal Thunder
ROYAL THUNDER are a four-piece rock band based out of Atlanta, Georgia that seamlessly blend the elements of heavy classic rock, 90's grunge, and forward-thinking progressive rock. Propelled by the powerfully emotional voice of frontwoman Mlny Parsonz, the guitar heroics of Josh Weaver, and the dynamic drums of Evan Diprima, ROYAL THUNDER have been described by NPR as "a revved-up Southern hard-rock that howls like Led Zeppelin astride a psychedelic unicorn" and as "magnificently compelling rock music" by Decibel Magazine. Formed in 2004 by Weaver, his brother, and his best friend, the band went through several lineup changes over the years before settling on their current lineup, which also incorporated second guitarist Will Fiore as of 2015.

In 2007, ROYAL THUNDER self-released their debut EP and started touring with Jesse Stuber on drums. By 2010, Relapse Records took notice and signed the band, beginning with an official re-release of their self-titled EP then later releasing their 2012 full-length debut, CVI. Stuber left the band after CVI was complete, replaced by drummer Lee Smith. The band toured with Lee Smith and Josh Coleman (who also joined during the making of CVI on second guitar) for a few US tours. CVI was widely praised by critics, including Rolling Stone's David Fricke, who said that Weaver's playing has "the meaty, base elements of early-Seventies British blues" and Metal Hammer Magazine, who stated, "through the powerhouse vocals of Mlny Parsonz and a refusal to keep their sound boxed, Royal Thunder look set to be the underground's next big breakout stars". Other publications such as SPIN called the album "stunning" while Revolver Magazine described it as "essential" and The Guardian called the band "elegantly powerful," and compared them to prime Led Zeppelin.

Since current drummer Diprima joined in October 2012, the band have been heavily touring the world, including full North American and European Tours with Baroness as well as prominent US tours alongside Monster Magnet, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Pallbearer, Enslaved, Corrosion of Conformity, O'Brother and many more. The group have also played high-profile festivals including SXSW, Bonnaroo, Scion Rock Fest, Bragg Jam, Roadburn, and numerous others. In a gap in their heavy touring schedule in 2013, the band recorded CVI: A, a set of acoustic renditions of three songs from CVI. ROYAL THUNDER then entered the studio once more in January of 2014 to begin their sophomore LP, Crooked Doors which was once again recorded, produced, and engineered by Joey Jones of Aria Recording Studio, with whom the band has a long standing working and personal relationship. Crooked Doors was released worldwide in April of 2015 via Relapse Records and has been praised by dozens of high-profile publications including Stereogum, The Guardian, and NPR, the latter of which called the Atlanta band "a modern master of hard-rock." Though they've been around for ten years, ROYAL THUNDER seem to have only just hit their stride – the future stands to be even more uproarious than the band's exciting early development.
Abrams is a hard rock band out of Denver Colorado. The band formed in late 2013 with Jason Carter on drums, Taylor Iversen on bass and vocals, and Zachary Amster on guitar and vocals They recorded a 4-song EP in February 2014 with Ben Rohmsdahl at Juggernaut Audio in Boulder CO, and played a number of local shows prior to the release of their EP, "February" on vinyl and CD through Winnipeg's No List Records. Shortly before the EP's physical release, Jason Carter departed the band. He was replaced by Michael Amster. The band will be recording their debut full length with Andy Patterson in Salt Lake City in December of 2014.
The Youthful Nothings
The Youthful Nothings
Once upon a time there was Jack. Jack was a scientist and because of his unique ways of experimentation, was completely disregarded by his all of his colleagues. All Jack wanted to do was play drums in a punk rock band but no one would jam with him due to his horrible reputation in his field.
Fed up with humanity, Jack genetically altered the grungiest and grooviest animals: a rat and panda, into musically trained kind of guys.

It kinda went like this:
"Weed, music, and everything free. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little band. But Jack the Scientist accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction -- Chemical X.
Thus, The Youthful Nothings were born! Using their ultra-music powers, Tommy Rat, Groovy Panda, and Jack the Scientist have dedicated their lives to fighting crime and the forces of evil!"

The Youthful Nothings toured the country but because of Jack's bad reputation, and the fact that most venues thought they were joking and told them to fuck off, they had to play house shows most of their tour. TYN garnered an underground fan base very quickly due to their unique band members and was able to tour underground, do-it-yourself styled venues year round whenever they pleased. To make money, Jack would invent things and sell them in the black market. This form of employment supplied the band with enough money to buy new equipment and tour whenever they pleased.

One day, while conducting a secret experiment to find out what really happened to the dinosaurs, Jack discovered the secret to why they really died: an alien was running from intergalactic space police when it collided with a giant asteroid, sending the asteroid and the spaceship hurdling towards earth at an unstoppable speed. The alien's spaceship hit the surface first, burring this alien in hundreds of miles inside the earth. The asteroid hit moments later, with such an impact that it killed the dinosaurs. The alien was frozen in time and buried beneath the rubble of its collision.
Short thrashy death metal songs from a dystopian future.
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Black Sheep
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