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Cryptopsy, Mental Cruelty, Organectomy, Heavy//Hitter
Show: 6:30 pm Doors: 5:30 pm
Black Sheep
All Ages

CARNIFEX is something musically unique. What really makes CARNIFEX stand out from the throngs of other Hard Rock acts currently scouring the planet, are their savage live performances. Their declaration to make every night an experience for fans rather than just a show, has proven to be the most appreciated trait of the band among fans. But you can keep your pyrotechnics and other special effects at home as CARNIFEX relies solely on the power of their music. “Every night, we strive to play extremely tight. Sometimes it can be difficult to make such an intense show so interactive, but we make sure that everyone is getting involved,” says Lewis.

Their fifth full-length album »Die Without Hope« (2014) marks the long awaited return of the band, with their Nuclear Blast debut.

The band will release their new album entitled »Slow Death« on August 2016 via Nuclear Blast Records.
Scott Ian Lewis: "This album will reshape our genre and be looked back on as an album that started a new movement for aggressive, dark metal. We're going to show those who love us and those who hate us just how far reaching our ambition is."

Scott Lewis (Vocals)
Shawn Cameron (Drums)
Cory Arford (Guitar)
Fred Calderon (Bass)

Formed in 1992, Cryptopsy has released eight full-lengths—counting As Gomorrah Burns—to date. Out of the gate, the Quebecers set new standards in death metal with their no-compromise attack and next-level musicality. Debut album, Blasphemy Made Flesh, shell-shocked all that encountered it, as follow-ups None So Vile, Whisper Supremacy (1998), and Once Was Not (2005) positioned the Canadians as apex predators. Throughout their storied career, the group embarked on high-profile tours, such as the inaugural Death Across America tour in 1998, the Summer Slaughter Tour in 2008, and the Devastation on the Nation tour in 2017. To date, they’ve performed over 1,000 shows across 47 countries. The release of As Gomorrah Burns on Nuclear Blast re-positions Cryptopsy for yet another reign of death metal domination.
Mental Cruelty

Embark on a journey through the darkness as Zwielicht weave tales of forbidden realms. From the haunting depths of "Obsessis A Daemonio" to the chilling echoes of "Symphony of a Dying Star". Enter a realm where “Forgotten Kings” rise, plagued by the curse of "Pest," while the enigmatic "Nordlys" lights the path to redemption. Brace yourself for the raw intensity and brutality of "Mortal Shells" and surrender to the poem of "Zwielicht." Prepare for a symphony of agony, where arrogance meets despair. This is the immersive and captivating world of Zwielicht.

Let us embrace a new era of darkness by bringing the “black” into blackened heavy music. Join us on the way down to infernal gates of hell to be rebirthed back to life. The album contains the most mind-bending variety of different heavy musical influences and sounds. Epic symphonic orchestras accompanied by slam breakdowns; this will have it all. Inspired from metaphors written by nature, death, and inner demons.


Hailing from Christchurch City, New Zealand, 'Organectomy' have been at the forefront of New Zealand's Slam and Death Metal scenes since first hitting the stage back in 2010. 

Organectomy's unique brand of 'Slamming Death Metal' incorporates aspects of Old School Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Atmospheric Death Metal, Technical Death Metal, and Slam into a twisted amalgamation of pure, sickening brutality.

With a couple of demos, an EP, and shows all over New Zealand under their belt, the band released their debut full length album, Domain of the Wretched, on December 17th, 2017. The album was re-released with Unique Leader Records at the beginning of 2018.

Following this release, Organectomy quickly saw an overwhelmingly large amount of positive feedback and reviews globally. Soon after, the band signed to American Extreme Metal label, Unique Leader Records.

Having gained a lot of traction online and within the local New Zealand metal scene, Organectomy found themselves being given the opportunity to support larger local and international metal acts, such as:
Fleshgod Apocalypse, Cattle Decapitation,
Archspire, Aborted, Rivers of Nihil,
Beyond Creation, Vulvodynia, and Depths.

Organectomy released their sophomore album, Existential Disconnect, in June 2019 through Unique Leader Records, with the addition of Matthew Bolch and Levi Sheehan as new band members.

Soon after this release, Organectomy embarked on a 28-day North American tour with several other international and US-based bands. This tour took the band to many new markets, including New York, Toronto, Atlanta, San Diego, Chicago, among many others.

Following their North American tour, Organectomy have partaken in several festivals and multiple hometown live shows. During the start of 2021, Organectomy began work on their 3rd album. With new members and fresh ideas, they hoped to bring about a new era for the band.

Organectomy released their third album, Nail Below Nail, on July 8th, 2022 through Unique Leader Records. To support the album’s release, the band is embarking on multiple tours globally, including a headlining album release tour of New Zealand and an ambitious EU tour packed with festival appearances.

Florida Deathcore