Tue, Mar 12


Blaze Ya Dead Homie, ABK, Reddstar
Show: 7:00 pm Doors: 6:00 pm
Black Sheep
All Ages

The TWIZTID tale is gritty and fascinating folklore, built on self-determination, fearless creativity, and the elimination of the boundaries between artist and audience. The dedicated supporters who stand with co-conspirators Jamie Madrox and Monoxide are more than fans: they are family.

There’s a rogue’s gallery of hooks, rhythms, and riffs in the TWIZTID bag of tricks. For 25 years, they’ve concocted artistic anarchy rooted in the streetwise storytelling sophistication of hip-hop, trance-inducing hypnotic beats, and the seething bite of hard rock rage. Merging horror movies, comics, and a level of depravity and violence rivaling the grimiest of pulp fiction in the annals of Americana, TWIZTID is the reflection of a tightly knit subculture and the sound of unbridled id.

With over a dozen entries on the Billboard charts, TWIZTID built themselves into an institution, without the help of mainstream gatekeepers at MTV, traditional radio, or major press. They’ve brought their adrenaline-soaked, unbound artistic mania on the road, with metalcore acts like Motionless In White and on the Vans Warped Tour, all without forsaking the worldwide family. TWIZTID built the connection they maintain with their fiercely dedicated legion of supporters to last and to evolve. Everything Majik Ninja does harken back to that original impulse shared by Monoxide and Jamie Madrox: to make art that swings a big ax at the boundary between audience and artist.

Blaze Ya Dead Homie

Psychopathic Records' back-story for Blaze Ya Dead Homie (born Chris Rouleau) suggests that he is a reincarnated gangsta who was originally killed in the late '80s, at the beginning of gangsta rap. Albeit fictitiously, this explains Blaze's fusion of Psychopathic horrorcore and abrasive gangsta rap on his records. Blaze's underground career began as Psycho C, a member of the Detroit duo 2 Krazy Devils, later renamed the Sleepwalkaz. Their friendship with fellow shock rap cohorts the House of Krazees prompted HOK member the R.O.C. to produce 2 Krazy Devils' only album, Flipped Insanity, in 1996. The group eventually folded, as did the House of Krazees; however, when former HOK members Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child formed Twiztid, they signed to Psychopathic Records and brought Blaze along with them.

Despite the ups and downs with his label, his core audience grew with each successive record -- 2000's Blaze Ya Dead Homie EP, 2001's 1 Less G in da Hood, and 2004's Colton Grundy -- as the 2004 album sold the most units out of those three and was ranked on four different Billboard charts. Taking advantage of the ripe circumstances, in June 2006 Blaze released the Deluxe G Edition of 1 Less G in da Hood, which contained songs from the self-titled debut, the 2001 album, and plus additional new bonus tracks. In between the first two full-lengths, he also worked with close friend and labelmate Anybody Killa, forming the tag team Drive-By; however, that project was short-lived, only producing the Pony Down (Prelude) EP, since Anybody Killa left Psychopathic Records in 2006. Blaze released a couple other Psychopathic Records albums, Clockwork Gray (2007) and Gang Rags (2010). In 2014 he joined Twiztid's Majik Ninja label with Gang Rags: Reborn, a collection of unreleased tracks. A year later he released the LP The Casket Factory on the label, along with the singles "Ghost" and "Wormfood." ~ Cyril Cordor


It started with a handful of exciting new demos right as the pandemic rocked the world. Determined to create something fresh and new, despite lock down, and driven to make the most of a horrible global situation, the members of R★S worked on their new alternative rap rock sound with a furious passion and enthusiasm. When the band were ready to record their exciting new sound, they enlisted producer Sahaj Ticotin (RA, Starset, Motley Crue). They recorded their first 5 released singles with him and released the first track ‘STFU’ on May 21st of 2021. The band then graduated to working with producer Matt Good ((Asking Alexandria, Hollywood Undead) and have released three in your face singles produced by Matt - ‘BAD DECISIONS’, ‘OUTSIDERS’ & ‘OUTLAWZ’. On Sept 2nd 2022 the band released their first EP entitled ‘RENEGADE MUSIC VOL. 1’ featuring the lead single ‘ HIT N RUN’ produced again by Sahaj Ticotin. On May 5th of 2023 Better Noise records released a hot collab between R★S, Hyro The Hero & Dan Sugarman of Ice Nine Kills entitled ‘Head Under Water’, again produced & co written by Sahaj Ticotin. The track was debuted on Sirius Octane Test Drive by Jose Mangin and added to rotation. The band embarked on their 2nd US tour and played their first major festival Welcome to Rockville on May 21st. On July 7th they release their newest single ‘BASICS’ produced by Jim Kaufman and will appear at Louder Than Life & Aftershock festival this Fall.