Mon, Jun 24

Free Throw

Slow Joy, Relate.
Show: 7:30 pm Doors: 6:30 pm
Black Sheep
All Ages
Free Throw

Two years before emo/indie rock outfit Free Throw formed in Nashville, the Memphis Grizzlies made national headlines for their “grit and grind.” Some not familiar with basketball may assume this was another phrase describing the team’s tireless work ethic. Journalists and analysts claimed this “grit and grind” was their disruptive defense. A ‘free throw’ is usually given to a player disrupted by defense — so while unintentionally borrowing the ethos of their home state’s NBA franchise, Free Throw went on the offensive.

Consider the band’s signature play: a three-guitar attack which stacks raw immediacy with large-scale aspirations. Sometimes this arrangement is abrasive; other times it’s more nuanced. What connects these two different threads is Cory Castro’s frayed vocals, gaining their power from a violent shout and their confessions from a measured whimper.

Combine that range with a set of lyrical themes that play out like an uneasy three-way phone call and what remains fills speakers with a darkness offset by instrumentals which sway and bend with warm nostalgia.

But what fills most of Free Throw’s golden playbook is a commitment to winning their own way. After strings of DIY touring circuits and an intense love affair with their van, it’s clear to see their blooming, road-tested legacy answers to no one but their enthusiastic audiences. With their live sets packing rooms across the country, not without alcohol and crowd sing-alongs in tow, it seems this grind has paid off so far, with the grit packing their songs with not just unrelenting talent, but the forward-thinking energy to match.

Slow Joy
Slow Joy is the solo project of Esteban Flores. Mixing elements of grunge, emo, and shoegaze, Slow Joy's deeply personal and melancholic lyrics are underscored by gritty, powerful guitars. The project began after a therapist encouraged Flores to approach music as a tool to process grief. Returning to the alternative sound that marked his adolescence, the multi-instrumentalist began writing and performing under the moniker Slow Joy. Slow Joy's debut releases "Crawling" and "Soft Slam" caught the attention of listeners in 2022, accumulating millions of views on TikTok and multiple Spotify playlist features (All New Rock,UndercurrentsFresh Finds, New Noise, Emo Right Now, Fresh Finds Rock Best of 2022). A forthcoming EP, Wildflower, is set to release via Mick Music in June 2023.