Sat, Mar 18

Mac Saturn

Billy Tibbals , Julian Fulco Perron
Show: 8:00 pm Doors: 7:00 pm
Black Sheep
All Ages
Mac Saturn
Bursting out of Detroit, and the same studio where Greta Van Fleet got its start, Mac Saturn is music-first quintet that fuses the best of its members' disparate influences into a high-energy and highly melodic sound that's vibrant and infectious. With personal roots that go deep -- frontman Carson Macc and guitarist Nick Barone have been playing together since they were teenagers -- Mac Saturn has grooves at its heart, playing with a buoyant energy that makes dancing a command rather than an option, and with a dynamic scope that speaks to the group's musical ambition, and precision. As drummer-turned-singer Macc puts it, "The songs are rock, but they've got that other thing going on -- that funky, dancey, Motown, whatever you want to call it -- that makes them our own thing." Mac Saturn covers a lot of ground on its debut five-song EP Until the Money Runs Out, from the hip-swiveling "Diamonds" and "Mr. Cadillac" to the urgent punch of "Persian," the treacly touch of "Ain't Like You" and the rootsy restraint of "Plain Clothes Gentleman." And Macc sings everything with the assurance and swagger that's as much Harry Styles as MIck Jagger. As Detroit music journalist Gary Graff praised, "Mac Saturn's muscle puts the band on a different plane than of what can be considered contemporary pop-rock." Catch 'em on tour around North America this winter and get in on the ground floor of what will surely be the next significant band to hail from the historic heritage of the Motor City.
Billy Tibbals

Moving from London to Hollywood back in 2014, Billy Tibbals quickly found a love for the city and its esoteric, debauched history. Combining this with his childhood obsession with British rock and roll, surrealist literature, and musicals from the 1940’s, Billy’s music presents a unique and fantastical view of the world around us. As a part of the exciting new wave of rock and roll music emerging from Los Angeles, Billy hopes to inspire the youth to get off their phones and come join in with the fun. It’s only just begun!

Rocker Billy Tibbals draws on his influences and  introduces a bombastic and riveting British-inspired attitude with his debut effort Stay Teenage. Billy and his band will debut these songs on his tour with Mac Saturn in Winter 2023.
Julian Fulco Perron

With a sound that can be described as a cross between Elton John and Tame Impala, art-pop singer/songwriter Julian Fulco Perron combines elements of power pop, psychedelic rock, funk music, folk artistry, and experimental genres to create music that shows his willingness to explore as a multi-instrumentalist and producer. Influenced by the writing and recording techniques of Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney, JFP is able to create layers of sound featuring full horn and string sections, mellotron, and vintage keyboards.

Pre-Pandemic, JFP could be found fronting 21 Taras, an eclectic, Denver-based rock outfit, leading with a swagger and performative charm that rendered the band a sight to see.

JFP debuted a solo release on July 11th, 2020 entitled Dreamland in which he leaned fully into lush, beautiful, and disorienting psychedelia. Bolder Beat said in their album review, "Often through Beatles-esque transitions and studio wizardry, Julian weaves a common thread throughout his music whether he’s playing the stylings of early-seventies rock, bee-bop, or 60s psychedelia."

Julian’s sophomore album In My Garden which was released on November 11th, 2022, is a folk rock-inspired expedition, giving the audience a look into Julian’s evolving creativity. Driven by acoustic guitar and layered vocal harmony, the album provides the listener with a retro twist on modern folk rock. Westword alluded to the very 1970s vibe in their review of the album saying, “The record also takes sonic cues from the post-Beatles psychedelic pop of Paul McCartney, as well as the non-surf music the Beach Boys started putting out around the same time.”

The start of 2023 garnered extensive radio play for Julian; including from Colorado's largest independent radio station, Indie 102.3 when he was featured by them as an artist of the month for January. Julian is planning the release of his third full-length LP for the summer of 2023 and will embark on a European tour in the fall.