Wed, Mar 25
The Black Sheep Presents
Show: 7:00 pm
Triple Nickel
All Ages
Hotel Books
Choose Life - Share Love - Run Wild
Comrades started as a post-hardcore band in Virginia in 2008 under a different name. Since then, we've had many ups, downs, 50-some tours, and the opportunity to meet so many awesome people and make so many amazing friends across the country.

Our music is, like any art, an outward flowing of what is within us. It has always been influenced by our faith, and something we all feel strongly about is trying to reconcile the differences of well-intentioned people on both sides of that fence, and simply trying to be the example our faith has taught us to be. We hope that we can be a light, and give encouragement, hope, and provoke thought, no matter what your worldview or affiliation.
We are an American Emo/Post-Hardcore band from the Inland Empire area follow us on Instagram/Twitter @CVLTVRECA. Community is our belief; join us in life.