May 14, 2014
Door Time: 7:00 PM

Day: Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Door Time: 7:00 PM
Age: All Ages
Advance Ticket Price: $12.00
Day Of Show Price: $14.00
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Kill Devil Hill
It’s not easy to say what catches the listener’s attention first on Kill Devil Hill, the debut album by the newly formed band of the same name: the strong guitar hooks, the killer grooves, the dynamic production or the potent vocal melodies. Rex Brown, bassist of this supergroup and erstwhile member of Pantera and Down sees Kill Devil Hill in its entirety as an extremely exciting new band “To me, this band is a musical adventure trip,” he reckons. Brown knows what he’s talking about, after all he was involved in some of the most important rock and metal recordings of the past 30 years. So if Brown can hardly contain his enthusiasm, there must be something special to the Kill Devil Hill phenomenon.
The self-titled debut album has been scheduled for release on May 22nd on SPV Records. in a number of different formats (CD, LP, iTunes) and presents a band which forms an amazingly homogeneous unit of masters and fresh talent. Along with Rex, Kill Devil Hill consists of drum monster Vinny Appice (formerly drummer with Black Sabbath, Dio and Heaven And Hell), guitar virtuoso Mark Zavon and Dewey Bragg, a formerly unknown vocalist who, you don’t have to have second sight to predict, is at the beginning of an outstanding career. There can be no doubt that the future of this exceptional group is as promising as the sound on Kill Devil Hill, their debut CD.
In 2009 Vinny had found the perfect guitarist in Zavon, who was also looking to start a new band. Zavon played a demo he had recorded with vocalist Dewey Bragg, and Vinny was floored. “Dewey has a fantastic sound, and has the perfect voice and image for this new band.” Dewey is also a master of melody, with the gift of enhancing even the most jagged arrangements with his haunting vocals.
Rex Brown and Vinny Appice have been friends for many years. “Vinny is a brilliant drummer, and of course, I was immediately interested when he asked me whether I wanted to play bass on a demo tape he was working on.” said Brown. Brown was sent “War Machine”, an aggressive up tempo tune which really gets down to business, and is the opener of the new CD. Rex’s bass was the missing piece of the puzzle. His “on 11 at all times” bass style was a perfect fit, and completed the powerful rhythm section.
The CD’s strong numbers such as “Hangman”, “War Machine”, “Rise From The Shadows” and “Up In Flames” feature contemporary and classic metal elements in equal measures, combining old-school and new perfectly. The great potential that this new band has is obvious, that special spark which draws the listener in and keeps them listening is unmistakable. “This is a phenomenon which we also noticed during our first shows in front of a live audience.” says Brown. Kill Devil Hill played their first gig back in April 2011, followed by a 5-week tour in October to test audience reactions. Without relying on the familiarity of Black Sabbath or Pantera covers, the band was able to win over audiences after just the first few songs. “We’ve never experienced that with a band at such an early stage.” Appice and Brown agree.
Kill Devil Hill’s strength is clear, they are an outstanding band who have written a brilliant album featuring powerful songs, and will be a musical force to be reckoned with for years to come.

The Brontide Effect
The Brontide Effect

Definition: A sound like that of distant thunder, some of which may have seismic origins.

Rising from the Wreckage,THE BRONTIDE EFFECT emerged as an acoustic anomaly piercing through the hearts and minds of their listeners. THE BRONTIDE EFFECT came to light in the Colorado Springs local scene in July, 2013 to embark on an explosive writing endeavor of heartfelt, epic proportions. A year later in the winter of 2014 they recorded and released their highly anticipated debut album "Fault Lines" at Clear Sound Studios in Colorado Springs Colorado with Producer and Tracking Extraordinaire Jarrod Headley. THE BRONTIDE EFFECT hit the ground running efficiently shaking the dust off their local music scene by commanding the stage with vibrant energy and unforgettable melodies.
Through their diversity you will engage and recognize a higher calling which begs to provoke your immediate thought and attention. THE BRONTIDE EFFECT pummels the subconscious with electrifying guitars, ferocious percussion, and haunting, truth laden vocals. THE BRONTIDE EFFECT is sure to make a true believer out of you as they strive to awaken the sleeping masses and change lives, one song at a time.

"When I heard your songs for the first time it was more than awesome guitar riffs, drums and lyrics/vocals it was as if your songs were stories of my life"-Evan Eason

"if your CD collection already has the likes of Three Doors Down and Breaking Benjamin, check out The Brontide Effect"-Kendra Beltran (Band Blurp)

InelementsInelements is a five-piece alternative metal band originating from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Inelements is: vocalist Steven “Huk” Huckaby, guitarist Matt Tuttle, bassist Nolan Campbell, drummer Ryan Barber and guitarist Eric Madrid. Inelements was formed in 2007, when close friends Matt and Ryan began a search for additional members to form their project. Huk joined the band in late 2007, and Nolan was brought on in February of the following year. Over the next few years, the band developed their skills as artists and song writers, releasing their first EP, We’re Waiting, in the summer of 2009. The album release announced the beginning of Inelements’ first tour, a self-promoted and self-booked venture spanning two weeks and seven states in June of 2009.
The following two years were filled with a wide selection of multi-level performances as Inelements continued to increase their local fan-base while sharing stages with several national performers, including Drowning Pool, 10 Years, Saving Abel, Framing Hanley, HURT and Sick Puppies. In July of 2011, after nine months of studio production, the band’s second album, Post Stress, was released. Post Stress marked the beginning of Inelements’ new direction, one that would put the band back on the road, exposing new audiences to their music. In the same month, Eric Madrid, a close friend of the band who produced We're Waiting, was welcomed to Inelements as guitarist. Over time, Inelements has become a staple of local music in the Colorado Springs area. Through music and determination, Inelements continues to expand their artistic influence with each day.

Sanguine Addiction
Sanguine AddictionYour new addiction is here. Sanguine Addiction is a Hard Rock/Metal Band from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Formed in early 2004 by Jeff Baker (guitar) and Josh Lanier (vocals), later adding Kris Dobler (bass) and Phil Kessler (drums). Each of the members of Sanguine Addiction bring their own influences to the group. These influences include: Breaking Benjamin, Faith No More, Deftones, Sevendust, Mudvayne, and Soulfly, just to name a few.

Since July 2006, the band has played many shows throughout Colorado, and surrounding states, sharing the stage with acts such as Hoobastank, Sevendust, 5 Finger Death Punch, Lacuna Coil, Saliva, 10 years, (HED)pe, Hurt, The Exies, Black Stone Cherry, Deepfield, Psychostick, Charm City Devils, LA Guns,and Michael Schenker Group. Sanguine Addiction has had several of their songs played on broadcast radio stations in Colorado Springs, CO, on 94.3 KILO; Denver, CO, on 106.7 KBPI; Rockford, IL, on 104.9 WXRX; and also on several internet and satellite radio stations, including Monsoon Radio, and also featured on Bubba the Love Sponge’s unsigned band review. The band has received the Colorado Springs Independent Newspaper’s Bronze award for the Best Band in Colorado Springs, 2006 and received the Gold Award for the Best Band in Colorado Springs, 2007, 2008, and 2009. Sanguine Addiction also ranked in the top 6 for KBPI’s Best Band in Denver for 2007. Sanguine Addiction has received rave reviews from Pikes Peak Nightlife, Colorado Springs Independent newspaper, and Colorado Music Post.

After the release of their debut album ‘Self Enemy’, and their second album 'Erased', it is the bands goal to expand their fan base, and reach as many new listeners as humanly possible through self marketing, promotion, and touring; regardless of any potential hurdles.

Welcome to your new addiction…Sanguine Addiction!