May 15, 2014
Door Time: 8:00 PM

Day: Thursday, May 15, 2014
Door Time: 8:00 PM
Age: All Ages
Advance Ticket Price: $5
Day Of Show Price: $7
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(uNiT)e with Dhrow Town
The Colorado native, (uNiT)e, is a dream chaser, with original sounds and lyrics. For 19 years old (uNiT)e is a veteran in the local scene. His positive messages, influences, and witty punchlines are sure to be candy for your ears.

Soul J Debonair
Json Martin's music delivers a new standard in creation, skill, and versatility. Being able to blend a wide variety of genre's, his key signature. A man of many faces. R&B, Rock, and Hip Hop his mask.
a talented artist specializing in Hip Hop and R&B, He has proven himself to be a multi-talented threat. Being able to sing, rap, play piano, sound engineer, and dabbles in photography and graphic design. Exceedingly impressive since this artist is completely self-taught and trained. Originally from the United Kingdom,Json Martin has made his name known both on the local scene of Colorado as well as the regional scene. He has performed at a plethora of venues, Including Club Eden, the Loft, Colorado Springs City Auditorium, Stargazers, and Vistas and even Colorado Springs World Arena. Json Martin has also been on stage with a wide range of other talented artist, such names as Tony Exum a national recognized saxophonist. And Shed G famous actor and comic from the Tyler Perry's Madea series. As an African American activist Json Martin is also a regional as well as state champion of spoken word poetry. And even competing in the NAACP’s ACTSO. A national competition focusing upon the arts. With none other than the CEO of Def Poetry Jam as his judge. His Spoken word has also attracted many other historical names to join him on stage. Such names as the Tuskegee airman. And Carlota Walls who was the youngest of nine to integrate little rock. It is undeniable that this talented young artist will go places.
Json Martin
Bringing a new professional standard to the art of music.
Stand apart, stand erect, but in all you do stand out.
( Where did your name come from?)
"My name simply is my own my real name is Jefferson Martin I felt the best way to portray myself as an artist should begin with just simply well . . being me.

New Profession
New Profession is an upcoming artist out of Denver, Colorado trending to create a different perception of hip hop.  He has dropped 3 Albums and an EP  in which he  has put ridiculous amounts of time, money, and effort into perfecting them and now he is dropping his newest studio EP in the summer of 2014.  His first couple of projects showcase his unique ideas and wordplay but this next release is going to change the path in which people see New Profession as both an artist and a person. He has both developed his voice and his movement and direction and believes he has found the key to finding success in his music career.
He just put out a couple new music videos that take on subjects that not many hip hop artists have really ventured into and New Profession is set on changing peoples lives with his music. New Profession’s movement is “bright vibe” which is creating a brighter future for the younger generation, not only mentoring people but also motivate people and providing music that people can fall back to no matter what they are feeling at the moment.
“I am trying to create something different, something that no one has ever heard before.”
You could compare New Profession to many different artists from anyone from the label Rhymesayers to artists like Macklemore,  Logic, or Frank Ocean but really New Profession is making his own unique name for himself through his personality and connection to fans. What is unique about this artist is his voice and a hip hop style that includes singing and rapping combined. He is one of the few artists who actually sings most if his own hooks. This style allows for his shows to be full of energy and a lot of interaction with the crowd. He also has a business side of music that  has been building up the movement with his promotion company Bright Vibe Entertainment which has been putting on at least 2 shows a month in late 2013/2014.
New Profession has a hunger that will never disappear. He explains,
“I have this motivation that tells me to get up every morning early and go to bed late just to perfect my craft.”
Whenever he isn’t running his side businesses or studying for college, he tries to make something better of his career as a hip hop artist, whether it be promoting, writing, or thinking about what ideas to do next. He has defined success in only 2 years by playing and putting together many shows, and putting out some very successful video releases with more music videos on the way. He is becoming well known on the Internet and through his city  and is just getting started. This has been done by cutting out any distractions in his life:
“I sleep as little as possible, only party once in a while, and put all my money into my art. I literally skip meals just to go to the studio.”
His influences range from Mac Miller’s success, to any artist that has started a movement in hip hop and changed the game, including Atmosphere, Notorious B.I.G, Dr. Dre, and Jay-Z. He believes in building up a movement from scratch so that he can benefit from the long term success of a music career.
“Lately I have been studying every successful hip hop artist’s story and their music.”
New Profession continues to progress each day, rehearsing his songs during four-hour shifts at work on the weekends and often writing and promoting into the late hours of the night.
“I have made so many goals, I don’t know where to start counting. Every time I meet a goal, I make a new one.”
Look out for his next EP dropping summer of 2014 and many more music videos releasing in 2014 as well as playing festivals, putting on 2-4 shows a month with his promotion company and opening for Nas and Flying Lotus June 19th at red rocks. He will also start putting out a song a month to engage and build a relationship with his fans.
This style of hip hop has never been done before, and he welcomes anyone with an open mind to follow his inspiring journey to brighten both his future and yours.

Matty James
Matty JamesTwo performers who happen to use the same dread, had a few sessions and the sound clicked.