Jun 4, 2014
Door Time: 7:00 PM
Presented By: KRXP

Day: Wednesday, June 4, 2014
Door Time: 7:00 PM
Age: All Ages
Advance Ticket Price: $15
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The Mowgli's
 Five childhood friends from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, augmented by 3 mid-western transplants, The Mowgli's are a quintessential California band. Inspired by the magnetism of San Francisco, the grind of Los Angeles and the serenity of the Big Sur Coast, their songs are a joyous revival of rock n' roll, a twisting indie-folk dance and a heartfelt protest ballad.

     Sliding from indie pop to country and a host of genres in between, the band evokes modern artists such as Fun., Grouplove and Edward Sharpe And the Magnetic Zeros, whilst having their roots in the music of Neil Young, The Byrds, The Beach Boys and Fleetwood Mac.

     Part 60's Laurel Canyon, part 70's Venice Beach and part 10's Silverlake, the band and the harmonies are held together by their message of universal love, peace and the belief that the highest form of consciousness is achieved by togetherness and unity.

     Uplifting, collaborative, joyous and communal, their music is a walk through their life thus far: Meeting each other and experiencing together ("San Francisco", "The Great Divide "),  emerging stronger ("Carry Your Will") - their message is finding a foothold with fans from every walk of life, bringing people together under one roof to celebrate each other.

Michael Vincze – Guitar/Vocals
Colin Dieden – Guitar/Vocals
Josh Hogan – Guitar/Vocals
Katie Earl – Vocals
Matt DiPanni – Bass
David Appelbaum – Keys
Andy Warren – Drums
Spencer Trent – Percussion


Finish Ticket
Finish TicketWe are Finish Ticket from the San Francisco Bay Area, CA.


LeftmoreI have been writing and playing music as Leftmore since December 2004, touring with it since June 2008, and loving my life almost the entire way. For the first year and a half, I traveled with my best friend, Matt. He decided to leave the band in September 2009, and I have been solo since. I've gotten to play with (and discover!) some of my favorite bands of all time because of my wonderful opportunities.

I love music a near infinite amount, but it's all about the people I meet when it boils down. I cannot say thank you enough to all of the friends that have been a part of this experience. You all inspire me to be a better person and encourage me in my work. If my life were a nest, I'd have hundreds of strong twigs all over the place!