Jun 15, 2014
Door Time: 7:00 PM

Day: Sunday, June 15, 2014
Door Time: 7:00 PM
Age: All Ages
Advance Ticket Price: $12
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The California Honeydrops
The California Honeydrops released their 3rd full-length original studio album on April 19th, 2013. Based in Oakland, the band is currently touring the US and Europe, bringing their original, soulful, and uplifting sound to thousands of lucky dancing people.

Their most cohesive work to date, “Like You Mean It,” carries a refreshing new sound and style in music. The 13 original songs range from infectious and danceable tunes to soulful ballads. Often uplifting and sometimes mournful, lead singer Lech Wierzynski is able to balance powerful vocals with a conversational intimacy and humor that hark back to the golden ages of soul and country music. The trumpet and saxophone shout out jubilant riffs, landing the listener somewhere between a New Orleans street parade and a Stax soul review. The rhythm section churns out a unique fusion of Carribean, R&B, and Second-line street beats that leaves the audience no choice but to dance, yet often leaves them wondering: “what kind of music is this?”

The band’s originality and appeal is reflected in their fan base. Drawing on a remarkable range of ages and backgrounds, the Honeydrops are as comfortable at a barn dance as they are on a big stage or in the subway stations in Oakland, CA, where they got their start. True to their roots as a street band, their shows are casual and spontaneous but always electrifying, and in the words of one fan, “radically inclusive.” Or as Honeydrops drummer Ben Malament explains, “come to the show, I don’t care if you don’t know what to call us. You’re gonna sweat, you’re gonna dance, your gonna sing, we’re gonna make this thing happen, TOGETHER.”


Sean Waldron
Sean WaldronImmersed in music from a young age, Sean Waldron began performing at age 8. The moment he heard John Mayer's Continuum in 2007, he knew he wanted to do music for the rest of his life.

Engaging and entertaining, Sean Waldron has a stage presence packed with soul and energy that demands attention. Between skilled guitar riffs and rhythms and vividly alluring vocals, he'll capture you in the groove and won't let you go until he walks off the stage. Heavily influenced by blues, pop, and mo-town soul, Sean delivers a raw musical style that is sure to leave you needing more. With comparative nods to current artists Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars, he offers a refreshing break from the all-too cluttered music scene and brings a powerful presence wherever he plays.

Rough Age
Rough AgeStarted in April 2012, Rough Age consists of frontman Nathan Archer, bassist extraordinaire Tracy Santa, and veteran drummer Michael Salkind. They play a unique brand of pub rock infused with irresistible hooks, driving beats, and shit-eating irony.

Brian Parton
He’s the Rebel Troubadour of fast whiskey and hard women. His songs reflect his passion for a life of exotic danger and bad love gone beguiling, with a twist of ironical jubilation.

From a destination he prefers to identify simply as “unknown,” on a journey to “no forwarding address,” he makes you sit back, inhale the moment and leave destiny to its own whim.

Brian Parton is part James Dean, part Woody Guthrie, a touch of Kurt Cobain and a dash of Billy the Kid.

As he scowls-out his lyrics you feel the tortured yet amused soul of the Dark Ruler of Rockabilly rubbing against untouched regions of your soul’s innards as he spins love ballads like never expressed before.

He is danger’s lonely friend. Capable of telling stories of love that leave you feeling more like you snorted the lyrics off the bar instead of standard audible ingestion.

Best taken with a shot of whiskey or a gulp of ‘shine, Parton’s music says those things you have felt but lacked the ability to express. Go ahead, use his lyrics as your own, if you dare to drive into the night on life’s back road. Just know you must now share the load of the Balladeer of Bad.