Apr 30, 2014
Door Time: 7:00 PM

Day: Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Door Time: 7:00 PM
Age: All Ages
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Mac Lethal
Rapper, writer, and entrepreneur David “Mac Lethal” Sheldon is the creator of the wildly successful blog “Texts from Bennett,” which went viral in a matter of hours upon its launch in December 2011. His viral video “Cook with Me Now” has been viewed almost 30 million times since its November 30, 2011 launch. As a rapper, Mac has released albums that have charted in the top 100 on Billboard, and he has performed everywhere from Holland to South Africa to his hometown of Kansas City.

Mac released his first album, Men Are from Mars, Porn Stars Are from Earth in 2002, after having already garnered a reputation on the freestyling/battle-rhyming circuit as a Scribble Jam champion. Sheldon released his first album with Rhymesayers Entertainment, 11:11, in October 2007. He is co-founder of Black Clover Records, a Kansas City-based label that has been home to his four-volume set of albums entitled The Love Potion Collection, released between 2003 and 2007. His most recent album, Irish Goodbye, was self-released digitally and garners 2000-3000 singles sales per week. Sheldon produced a music video for the single “Jake + Olive” from Irish Goodbye, which attracted over a million YouTube views in under a year.

Mac’s various videos have been viewed over 61 million times on YouTube, and his “Cook with Me Now” video debuted on the Billboard Social 50 chart shortly after its release.

Mac’s cousin Bennett was called, by The Montreal Mirror, “one of the most unintentionally hilarious people in the universe.” Mac’s first novel, called Texts from Bennett and based on his blog, will publish September 3, 2013 by Simon & Schuster’s Gallery Books imprint. Bennett can be as real as you want him to be…


Che Bong
Che BongChe Bong is a hip hop artist from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Starting his craft at the age of 9, Che Bong has influenced many through his music. "Che Bong is a breath of fresh air, a reminder of what's good in hip hop. A true lyrical emcee that takes you on a journey through words."
Che Bong's first album is set to be distributed in November 2011, and a much anticipated album release party will be held in the same month. T-shirts, CD's and downloads will be available for purchase. The album title “Sleeping While You’re Awake” is the first solo album to be released under record label Sound Powered Engine. “Sleeping While You’re Awake” was inspired by the trials and tribulations we all endure throughout life, making the listener sit back, grab a drink, and keep the album in heavy rotation. Music is the heart and soul of Che Bong, he lives for it, and if you listen closely, you can hear his life story being told in a rhyme.
Da Minorities, Organic Elements, Too Tone Taurus and Bullhead*ded are just a few groups fortunate enough to grace the stage with Che Bong. Currently Che Bong is performing with Bullhead*ded and has opened up for such artists as Sage Francis, Dialated Peoples, and Pharaoh Monch just to name a few. Bullhead*ded is a compilation group consisting of the groups Made up Minds and Too Tone Taurus. Too Tone Taurus was the first group Che Bong joined after moving to Colorado. The group has opened up for Zion I, Del, and Black Sheep among many others. In April of 2010 Too Tone Taurus and Made up Minds completed a 10 day west coast tour beginning in New Mexico and finishing in Oregon. The tour solidified Che Bong's reputation and passion for hip hop, and left a lasting impression on anyone that passed his way. Although mainly an emcee, Che Bong's talents don't stop there. He is also proficient on the drums and a talented poet. Music is an intricate part of Che Bong's life and you can always count on him having a pen and paper in his back pocket. His rap books are limitless, his record collection requires a room of it's own. His talents are unmatched and his influence in the hip hop community is profound. Che Bong conducts an audience like a maestro conducts an orchestra, never stopping until the roar of the crowd drowns out the beat of the music.
Che Bong: "The long walk on the road less traveled unraveled my ways. I spit for days in the night time. I hit the corner and serve my advice, but the price ain't right. I'm gettin dazed from the sunshine, take me away, to space, to ventilate, to escape, just let me run away this one time."


A Black Day Presents: A Special E.P. Release Party and Holiday Toy Drive
A Black Day Presents: A Special E.P. Release Party and Holiday Toy DriveEarth, Fire, Water and Air (Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Stevens, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Shaw) four elements, four personalities unified to bring you UNDERCAST!

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