Aug 17, 2013
Door Time: 4:00 PM
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Day: Saturday, August 17, 2013
Door Time: 4:00 PM
Age: All Ages
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All Shall Perish
ALL SHALL PERISH are like the Oakland Raiders, the football team from where the band resides; full of bad asses and if you’re a hater expect to get a ton of shit from their diehard fans, if not the rims of your car stolen. With people like Kirk Hammett (METALLICA) and Rob Flynn (MACHINE HEAD) sighting the band as favorites, it’s only a matter a time before the franchise known as ALL SHALL PERISH starts to fill sports arenas themselves. Couple that with their rapidly growing popularity and their huge musical growth over a relatively short amount of time, and the comparison isn’t such a stretch of the imagination. Now with This Is Where It Ends, the band have once again created a defining moment in their careers and cemented themselves as leaders of the new wave of extreme metal. If you ever doubted them, it’s best you back away now slowly while facing the angry mob.

Formed with the intent of not being labeled with the restricting monikers of "death metal", "hardcore" or "metalcore," ALL SHALL PERISH blasted onto the bay area scene in 2002 playing every kind of show imaginable. After recording a self-titled 3 song demo, the Japanese label Amputated Vein Records released their first full-length album Hate.Malice.Revenge. (2003). After a ton of underground D.I.Y. touring, the band signed a world wide deal with Nuclear Blast records in December of 2004. Nuclear Blast rereleased Hate.Malice.Revenge. in early ‘05 and ALL SHALL PERISH spent the rest of 2005 touring and writing their second record. Successful tours with the likes of SIX FEET UNDER, AS I LAY DYING, BLEEDING THROUGH, BRUJERIA, DYING FETUS and DIECAST all helped expose the band to a new and diverse audience.

Ever since then, ALL SHALL PERISH have been re-defining the death and grind genres with vibrant ideas and unrelenting delivery. Giving us brutal music that possesses a natural need to experiment and push the boundaries of the extreme underground. While Hate.Malice.Revenge. quickly gave the band a name throughout the underground, it was their second offering, The Price Of Existence, that turned the death metal and underground masses on their collective ear. The release earned them the reputation of being one of the best young extreme acts from the United States in this new millennium. Tours with such genre leaders as AGNOSTIC FRONT, THROWDOWN, TERROR, HATE ETERNAL, RED CHORD, DESPISED ICON, SUICIDE SILENCE, ARSIS and THE FACELESS would follow. Soon the band set their sites on writing a new record and just one question was on everyone’s mind; could they possibly top The Price of Existence?

Jump to 2008 and the answer was obviously a resounding, YES THEY CAN! Awaken The Dreamers saw the band adding new elements to their sound and expanding their reach even more with tours with DANZIG, WINDS OF PLAGUE, EMMURE, JOB FOR A COWBOY, KATAKLYSM, BORN OF OSIRIS and as a part of the Summer Slaughter Tour package. Awaken The Dreamers was also the band’s first release to make The Billboard 200 charts and entered at position No. 126 upon release. It was during the promotional cycle for this record that lead guitarist Chris Storey left the band along with founding member, drummer Matt Kuykendall. Some people wondered how the band would bounce back from the loss of such key members. Subsequent tours with their replacements though quickly put any doubts to rest. Newly invigorated and with everything to prove, the band began working on new material for their next release.

While Awaken The Dreamers saw the band focusing on a more experimental and melodic side, This Is Where It Ends conveys more of the raw energy, groove and technicality that put them on the map in first place. Add even stronger hooks and melodies than before and you have ALL SHALL PERISH’s best work to date. New guitarist Francesco Artusato scorches the fretboard with some fresh jazz/fusion tinged lines, that are both melodic and defy the laws of physics at the same time. New drummer Adam Pierce also leaves jaws dropping and eyes a poppin’ with his mind boggling fills and some warp speed tempos. As always, vocalist Eddie Hermida astounds people with his range, impassioned delivery and never ending diversity. But most importantly, the core riff writting team of bassist Mike Tiner and guitarist Ben Orum craft some of the most powerful and exciting riffs in modern metal today. Tracks like “Divine Illusion”, “Procession of Ashes”, and “Royalty Into Exile” are sure to be fan favorites for years to come and staples in the bands live set.

This Is Where It Ends was produced and mixed once again by the always in demand Zach Ohren (DECREPIT BIRTH, ODIOUS MORTEM, LIGHT THIS CITY), capturing the unbridled energy of their live shows more effectively than ever. Add in the striking artwork of artist Brent Elliott White (DEATH ANGEL, JOB FOR A COWBOY, WHITE CHAPEL) and This Is Where It Ends is a truly an experience for all the senses. Without a doubt, the future of metal has arrived and if you aren’t paying attention you might get left by the wayside with your car on bricks.

OceanoOceano is a five piece deathcore band from Chicago, Illinois.
They formed in 2006 and currently consist of vocalist Adam Warren, drummer Daniel Terchin, bassist Jason Jones and guitarists Nick Conser and Devin Shidaker. They signed to Earache Records in 2008 and released their debut album ‘Depths’ in April, 2009.
The band is a deathcore band but also incorporates elements of other metal genres.

Within The Ruins
Within The RuinsRecognizing the talent and passion of Massachusetts natives, WITHIN THE RUINS, it’s no wonder Victory Records added them to its growing roster. This quintet is armed with a unique take on blending technology and metal together to write music that sets their band apart from the numerous metal bands today. WITHIN THE RUINS have mastered their technique of bringing breakdowns, riffs, tempo and a dash of personality together in order to form one cohesive entity. The development of WITHIN THE RUINS first began in 2002. That was when founding members Joe Cocchi (Guitar) and Drummer (Drums) began taking a more serious approach and started heading out on the road, doing DIY tours from 2006-2009. At that point in time the lineup was comprised of Tim Goergen (Vocals), Mike Beaujean (Bass), and Kyle Marcoux (Guitar), in addition to Cocchi and Drummer. As things progressed for the band, January of 2010 brought change when Jay Van Schelt (Guitar) was brought in to replace Marcoux; this change refueled the band to write their best record to date entitled INVADE


BetrayalMetalcore from Tupelo, MS

Kill Syndicate
Kill SyndicateKill Syndicate was formed in July of 2004. This group shares the
common goal of bringing heavy underground metal straight to your
doorstep. With influences from the likes of All Shall Parish, Machine
Head, Unearth, Lamb of God, and many more, Kill Syndicate pushes their
music and live performances full throttle.
With two full length nationally distributed albums under their belt
and preparing for the release of their 3rd full length this summer,
And touring frequently in the USA, this band will be one to keep an
eye on as they rise to the challenge of meeting the sadistic needs of
local and national metal heads. Kill Syndicate has played with
Motograter, Godflesh, D.R.I., Union Underground, Anthrax, Too Loose,
Zebrahead, American Headcharge, Hell Within, Byzantine, Nuclear
Assault, Exodus, 3 Inches of Blood, Crisis, Devil Driver, Scum of the
Earth, Chimaira, Testament, Scars of Tomorrow, Six Feet Under, Sworn
Enemy, Mower, Skin Lab, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Anathema, Thine Eyes
Bleed, Satyricon, Hatebreed, Cthonic, Apiary, Annihilator, Animosity,
Bleed the Sky, Silent Civilian, Celtic Frost, Goat Whore, Nevermore,
Hatesphere, Warbringer, Black Guard, Megadeth, 36 Crazyfists,
Straightline Stitch, Dirge Within, Hemlock, Genitorturers, Cavalera
Conspiracy, Revocation, Kreator, Accept, Swallow the Sun and The Final Burden.!/KillSyndicate

Tree Of Woe
Tree Of WoeFormed in Summer 2011 by Jeff Montoya (Catheter) and Keith Keeran (Grindscape), Tree Of Woe is rounded out by Chris Walters (Try Redemption) and Chris Forsythe (Malakai). All long time veterans of the Colorado music scene, Tree Of Woe was started with one mission in mind, obliterate everyone. In it's short history, the band has released one underground demo followed by the debut full length "Buried Inside Old Bones." Tree Of Woe has established a solid, loyal following by playing relentless shows with the likes of EYEHATEGOD, Cattle Decapitation, Today Is The Day, Gaza, Black Cobra, Goatwhore, Mass Grave and many others. 2015 will bring increased touring, as well as plans for the second album,

Despise The Sun
Despise The Sundespise the sun formed in late 2010. is very intense assault of  deathmetal and theyre style is heavy!!! with members of deathmetal legends like dismemberment ,execration, and skinned . despise the sun is a vocal and instrumental  masterpeice with mind boggling guitar work and insipiring lyrics they will definatly leave theyre mark on the industry be ready for theyre first release titled -EMBERS OF THE ALMIGHTY  out on OSSUARY INDUSTRIES 2012

Sonic Vomit
Sonic Vomit
Started in August 2006. Sonic Vomit is your very own personal living 8-bit retro gaming system. Remember to think after each song, you have advanced onto another level. We have shared/opened the stage with popular acts such as: The Dillinger Escape Plan, Psyopus, Gaza, Cephalic Carnage, The Abominable Iron Sloth, Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire, C.J. Ramone (of The Ramones), Sole (rapper), The Contortionist, Jucifer, MACABRE, Toxic Holocaust, David Liebe Hart (from Tim and Eric), D.R.I., Mouth Of The Architect, Within The Ruins, Oceano, All Shall Perish, RETOX, and Mobile Deathcamp.

The Brown Noise